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Andrea Nord

Senior Data Quality Specialist

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Andrea Nord has more than two decades of experience working with analytical laboratory data. She has extensive experience with dozens of international environmental laboratories and the wide array of regulatory methods used for environmental analysis and field measurements. Andrea performs periodic review and auditing of analytical facilities and their procedures. She also works closely with laboratories to implement specialty analyses for unique project conditions.

Andrea provides a variety of services related to data-quality management and reporting in support of both U.S. and Canadian environmental programs. These services include data validation and assessment, coordinating laboratory services, and preparing and delivering monitoring reports for environmental sites. She also develops sampling and analysis plans, quality assurance project plans, and standard operating procedures for field measurements and data validation. Andrea has been involved with hundreds of environmental sites and has prepared more than 30 quality assurance project plans for state and federal Superfund and brownfields programs over the past 10 years. As Barr’s chemical hygiene administrator, she is responsible for chemical waste management throughout the company.


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