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Al Fandrey

Vice President, Senior Civil Engineer

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For more than 40 years, Al Fandrey has served as principal in charge, project manager, and project engineer for all phases of diverse hydraulic, structural, water resources, civil engineering, mining, and environmental projects. His experience includes assisting with the investigation and cleanup of former disposal sites; directing the design, preparation of plans and specifications, and construction observation for numerous mills and gas and water pipelines; and leading the development, planning, and design of many water-based attractions and amusement rides. Al has also been involved in planning and designing auxiliary features such as pump stations, force mains, lifts, weirs, tunnels, loading/unloading stations, water disinfection and filtration facilities, water mains, sanitary sewers and force mains, and storm sewers. Al was integral in the startup of Barr’s Jefferson City office and now provides assistance to leaders of the Calgary office.


+1 (403) 592-8303


Professional Engineer (AB, AL, AR, BC, FL, GA, MB, MI, MN, MO, OH, SK, TN)


MS, Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

BCE, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


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