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Brad Schwie

Senior Geological Engineer

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Brad Schwie’s two decades as an environmental consultant have involved investigating and remediating soil, vapor, and groundwater at agricultural, chemical, and petroleum sites for private and public sector clients. He specializes in remediation engineering, telemetry, and vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation. He has applied-engineering and project management experience with Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and remedial investigation, design, and implementation.

With experience in more than 20 states, Brad has worked with regulators from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state agencies such as Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. He provides vapor intrusion services in both residential and industrial settings, including scoping and implementing investigations, interpreting soil vapor and indoor air data, developing mitigation system designs, and coordinating system installation and testing. Brad also performs due diligence, scoping and budgeting of environmental investigations, corrective active design, and reporting.


(952) 842-3590


Professional Engineer (IA, MN, NC)


BS, Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


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