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Brian Burgner

Senior Ecologist

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With over 15 years of experience as an ecologist, Brian Burgner has contributed to more than 200 wetland delineation projects in Minnesota and Wisconsin. A certified wetland delineator, Brian is highly skilled in mitigation monitoring, soil profile analysis, plant identification, and functional assessments of wetlands using the Minnesota Routine Assessment Method (MnRAM). He also has experience in threatened and endangered species reviews and habitat assessments for pipeline maintenance projects, as well as with wetland permitting, aerial photo interpretation, vegetation surveys, illustrated map production, and installation of monitoring wells. Brian is retired from the Minnesota Army National Guard where he served as the avionics and electrical maintenance supervisor to 10 personnel. He was previously an aircraft engine mechanic in both the Minnesota Army National Guard and the U.S. Navy.


(952) 842-3635


BS, Natural Resources, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


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