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Jennette Kellerson

Senior Environmental Data Management Specialist

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Jennette Kellerson has more than 15 years of experience in environmental data management. At Barr, she has managed the input and output of data into Earthsoft’s EQuIS database for more than 200 projects. She works heavily with Barr’s ambient-air monitoring group, utilizing Vista Data Vision to store and monitor data. Jennette also works one on one with clients to create process improvements and documentation and to streamline data. She has served as data management project manager and created cost estimates for clients’ EQuIS data compilation; as gINT database administrator for data management systems for storing geo-environmental and geotechnical data; and as Vista Data Vision database administrator for data management systems storing real-time data such as geotechnical and ambient-air data.


(952) 832-2920


BS, Meteorology, St. Cloud State University


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