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Molly Keinath

GIS Specialist

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Molly Keinath has nearly five years of experience as a geographic information systems (GIS) analyst specializing in energy pipeline projects. At Barr, she interprets historical and current aerial photos, analyzes raster and vector data, manages and creates geospatial data, and assists with client-customized cartography. Other areas of expertise include developing routes and response-time maps using ArcGIS Network Analyst extension, creating multiple maps using data-driven pages, and creating and customizing maps across software platforms. Molly is proficient in the latest software applications essential for GIS analysts including ArcGIS, Google Earth, Adobe Illustrator, and Inkscape. Her work includes GIS requests related to oil energy transportation, storage, permitting, and environmental impacts. She is also involved with projects related to water management and environmental restoration, remediation, and monitoring.


(218) 529-7161


BS, Biology, University of Minnesota - Duluth


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