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Michael Haggerty

Vice President, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

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Mike Haggerty has nearly 15 years of experience specializing in geotechnical issues associated with tunnels and open-pit mines. His projects often involve inspection and rehabilitation of existing tunnel infrastructure and design of underground space. He works with mining clients to develop stable mining configurations involving open-pit-mine highwall and spoil-side stability. Mike has also performed annual dam safety inspections on large embankment tailings dams and modeling for dam seepage, stability, and deformation analysis using GeoStudio software. He has served as on-site field engineer and geologist for numerous projects and directed drill crews for hollow-stem-auger, air-rotary, sonic, duel-casing, rock coring, and cone penetration test (CPT) investigations. He has installed a variety of geotechnical instrumentation that includes vibrating wire piezometers, open-pipe piezometers, inclinometers, Shape Accel Array (SAA) inclinometers, and relief wells. In addition, Mike serves as one of Barr’s health and safety coordinators.


(952) 832-2944


Professional Engineer (MN)


MS, Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

BGE, Geological Engineering, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

BS, Geology, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Barr Engineering Co.
4300 MarketPointe Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55435

Phone: 952-832-2600
Fax: 952-832-2601
Toll free: 800-632-2277

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