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Michael McKinney

Water Resources Engineer

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Michael McKinney has nearly five years of experience in a wide range of water resources-related disciplines, from open-channel engineering and environmental engineering chemistry to hydrologic modeling and low-impact development for nonpoint-source pollution control. At Barr, he specializes in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and water quality modeling. He has gained experience in stream restoration, stormwater best management practices (BMP) design, in-lake water quality modeling, and flood risk analysis. 

Michael Kinney specializes in hydrologic and hydraulic and water quality modeling. He has nearly five years of experience in best-management-practice and stormwater-infrastructure design and has developed numerous large, calibrated water-quality and hydraulic models. Michael is a proficient technical writer and researcher, having written several stream and lake total maximum daily loads as well as stressor identification reports. His work also includes stream restoration and flood risk analysis.


(952) 842-3671


MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

BS, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


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