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Tom Boom

Vice President, Senior Environmental Engineer

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Tom has more than 16 years of experience with the assessment, design, and implementation of complex engineering projects. Tom focuses on providing clients with cost-effective results by first understanding their specific needs and then evaluating their projects from multiple technical and financial perspectives. Using this approach, Tom is able to develop solutions tailored to meet their objectives and manage their risk. As a trusted adviser to clients, he specializes in managing complex projects—from risk management, site assessment, feasibility studies, and design to permitting, construction management and oversight, and monitoring while engaging multiple stakeholders.

Tom’s recent technical presentations include “Considerations and Tools to Select and Design a Sediment Response Action at a Manufactured Gas Plant,” “Developing a Quantitative Decision-Making Tool with Three-Dimensional Modeling of Site Investigation Data,” and “Designing Dredge Prisms to Remove Impacted Sediments while Protecting Infrastructure.”


(734) 922-4442


Professional Engineer (MI)


BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University


Barr Engineering Co.
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Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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