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Rick Palm

Vice President, Corporate Business Development

Rick enjoys Nordic skiing
Rick Palm’s love of travel has taken him all over the world, but time and again, he’s returned to Barr Engineering Company.

Interested in a career involving the outdoors and travel, Rick Palm majored in geology and geophysics at the University of Minnesota. He then joined an engineering firm in California and worked on engineering, exploration, and environmental projects while enjoying the beautiful weather and learning to scuba dive.

When an opportunity to sail across the South Pacific came his way, Rick jumped at the chance. Landing in Australia, Rick performed exploratory geophysics and seismology for tin-mining and oil-exploration companies for two years.

Upon returning to Minnesota, Rick joined Barr’s Minneapolis office and worked there for the latter part of the 1980s as an engineering geophysicist and geologist. Another sailing opportunity took him away for a time, and he journeyed to Antarctica and South America. By the end of the decade, Rick married and moved to Duluth, Minnesota.

In Duluth, Rick developed an environmental consulting department for a materials-testing firm and then managed the Duluth office for a Michigan-based firm. By the late 1990s, Barr had established a small Duluth office, and Rick returned to the firm in a business-development role. Rick became the branch-office coordinator a few years later, serving in that role for nearly eight years.

Since 2009, Rick has focused primarily on lead-finding work. “I like the flexibility, schedule control, meeting new people, and of course, the travel,” Rick explains. “My job is not about the quick sale but about developing long-term relationships.”

Rick has enjoyed seeing Barr grow in new areas, including North Dakota and Alberta, Canada. “I like knowing that Barr is going to back up everything we say to these new clients,” Rick states. “Through strategic hires and other moves, we align our resources to meet our valued clients’ needs.”