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Guy Partch

Vice President, Senior Environmental Consultant

Showing off a trophy lake trout
With his family

It’s hard to imagine a kid from the Minnesota prairie turning into an avid Lake Superior fisherman.

“Where I come from, fishing is something you do standing next to a river,” says Guy Partch, a Barr senior environmental consultant who grew up in Redwood Falls.

Partch comes from a line of scientists and naturalists. His father was a science teacher and his grandfather was a biology professor. After high school, Guy initially chose mechanical engineering, but an oceanography course opened the door to environmental science and led to a hydrogeology degree.

Guy has made water the focus of his professional career and a big part of his personal life. He owns a 20-foot boat and enjoys fishing trips with family and friends on Lake Superior.

With Barr, Partch specializes in the study and remediation of sediment and groundwater. He uses investigation, remediation, and monitoring techniques to address contaminants and restore habitat at industrially-influenced sites. Among his career highlights is leading teams during the federal cleanup efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in New Orleans and Lafayette, La.

Guy says using his expertise to enhance our natural resources is the most rewarding part of his work.

“Working to improve our environment and using science to develop realistic solutions makes you feel good about your job.”