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Jon Minne

Vice President, Senior Civil Engineer

Jon unwinds while fishing on Minnesota and Canada lakes.
Fishing is relaxing but catching gets the blood pumping.

Jon Minne has always been good at tinkering and figuring out how things work. He even describes himself as a “hands-on kind of guy” and credits his degree in engineering mechanics to that trait. Now a registered civil engineer, Jon first found his niche in water process and handling through a hydraulics course in college and later developed his career around it. He started out designing fish-waste collection systems and spent the next 14 years providing water and wastewater system planning, process design, hydraulics design and permitting services, and road and utility planning and design for municipal and private clients.

Since joining Barr in 2008, Jon has enjoyed working with teams of technical experts to solve complex problems and expanding his expertise to include wastewater and water pumping systems, wastewater and stormwater ponds, mechanical treatment facilities, water and wastewater piping, and stormwater pollution-prevention planning.

Over the course of his career, Jon experienced many memorable, enjoyable, and challenging projects. One such project required him to design 23 sanitary-sewer lift stations and associated piping around four lakes in northern Minnesota.

Jon’s interests and job supplement each other by adding variety to his life. He is an outgoing and active professional engineer both in and out of the office. He works with local students to promote engineering education, participates in the Engineers’ Club of Northern Minnesota, and is active with the Hibbing Chamber of Commerce. During his free time, Jon enjoys working on projects and camping with his family, curling and playing bocce ball with his friends, and savoring quiet time while fishing and hunting.