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Jed Greenwood

Vice President, Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Studying the geology in a slot canyon in the Kingdom of Jordan
Backpacking with his wife in New Zealand
Performing a geotechnical inspection at a mine
Jed Greenwood grew up in the deserts of Utah, a prime area to encourage and nurture an interest in geology.

“My parents would sometimes just show up during school to take my siblings and me on trips to southern Utah,” said Jed.

His love of geology didn’t waver. Early on, Jed recognized the good employment opportunities available in geotechnical engineering and pursued his interest in the applied sciences, earning a bachelor’s degree in geological engineering from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in civil engineering with a geotechnical focus from MIT. Today, he is licensed as both a professional engineer and a geologist.

From wind turbines in northern British Colombia and southern California, to a water-harvesting feasibility study in the country of Jordan, to an open-pit gold mine at a site in Turkey once mined by the Romans, Jed has logged a lot of miles to work on projects with complex geotechnical conditions.

“I really didn’t expect to be doing as much high-profile and international work at this point in my career,” said Jed. “I’ve also done a lot with Engineers Without Borders. For two summers, I served as a professional mentor to help retrofit an unstable dam in Guatemala.”

When he’s not reading geotechnical literature, Jed is also contributing to the field.

“I worked with Iván Contreras here at Barr to update the soil mechanics section of the Mining Engineering Handbook for the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration,” said Jed. “I’ve also presented on various topics, including on an analysis of a network of flexible steel pins we installed for a landslide stabilization project in Colorado to determine how much life is left in the pins.”

Although the frequent travel often takes him far from home, Jed takes being a father to his five kids seriously.

“While I can’t make a commitment to something like coaching given my work schedule, I go to my kids’ games and spend time with them whenever I can,” said Jed, “and I like to show them interesting rocks.”

Traveling for fun is also a family pastime, but Jed has a few of his own pursuits.

“I do all the landscaping and gardening at our home and really enjoy it,” said Jed. “I also give my time as a youth volunteer at my church.”