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Julie Macejkovic

Senior Civil Engineer

In Ohio for a wastewater treatment upgrade
On vacation with her husband in Colorado
With her daughters
In grade school, Julia Macejkovic went to a summer camp designed to encourage girls to explore science and technology. It was right up her alley. She excelled at math and science and, in high school, began exploring careers where she could use those skills.

After she expressed an interest in architecture, a family friend who is an architect suggested she consider a degree in civil engineering because it would give her a wider range of career options. She took the advice and studied engineering at North Dakota State University, where she focused on water and wastewater.

“I had a really good wastewater engineering professor who made the subject relatable and easy to understand,” said Julia. “There will always be a need for water and wastewater engineers because everyone needs to dispose of wastewater and treat water so it’s safe to use.”

After interning at Barr in Duluth, Julia joined the Minneapolis office. Early in her tenure, she served as a construction observer during the creation of Water Power Park in Minneapolis.

“I gained a lot of experience working with contractors on that project,” said Julia. “Today, the park is visited by more than 85,000 people each year, and I still visit it every month for ongoing project support on this and other projects in the area for our client.”

Because of her field, Julia is very conscious about saving and using water wisely.

“I want to pass along to my daughters the thoughtfulness of how things work, the processes involved, and where water comes from and where it goes,” said Julia.

And with two young children, she appreciates that Barr provides a flexible work schedule and comp time.

“Because of this flexibility, I can spend more time with my family and at our cabin in northern Minnesota,” said Julia. “I even have time to play in a volleyball league, as well as occasionally golf.”

She also volunteers at her church, where she sits on the building committee for a planned expansion, but Julia admits she wishes she had more time to travel, especially to national parks.

“So far, I’ve visited Yellowstone, Zion, and Glacier,” said Julia, “but I’d love to visit more!”