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Tim Greenleaf

Senior Civil/Environmental Engineer

At the top of Redgap Pass in Glacier National Park with colleague Nathan Campeau, brother Shawn, and wife Gina
Winter camping on Lake Superior near Michigan's Porcupine Mountains
Growing up in Michigan, Tim Greenleaf developed a competitive spirit and sense of adventure at a young age. In the fifth and sixth grades, he took first place in his elementary-school science fair. “I built a water treatment system in sixth grade and cleaned water from the Rouge River,” he recalls. “I convinced the judge to give me the first-place ribbon when I drank the water I had treated.”

After studying civil and environmental engineering at Michigan State University, Tim moved to Minneapolis to work at Barr, where he met his future wife, Gina, and other co-workers who are now some of his best friends. “Professionally and socially, Barr has been good to me,” he said.

Tim has had an active role in developing Barr’s Canadian mining services—and our Calgary office. Spending six months in Calgary allowed him to gain firsthand experience in the industry. “There is a lot of opportunity in Canada that aligns with our skill sets and interests,” he said. “I enjoy creating new opportunities for the company and would like to continue to do that.”

Tim has also created opportunities for a new generation at Barr. “I’m starting to mentor younger employees,” he said. “I’ve provided guidance and seen them be successful in pursuing their passions. It’s incredibly rewarding.” 

Tim enjoys working on large, multidisciplinary teams and acknowledges sometimes pushing team members to their limits. “A lot of clients I work for have fast-moving, schedule-driven projects,” he said. “That comes with unique challenges to meet deadlines and keep teams on track.”

Tim’s competitive nature carries over to his personal life, too. In his free time, he enjoys staying active through running, tennis, and ultimate Frisbee, and he has played on Barr’s softball, basketball, and broomball teams. His love of hiking and camping has taken him to Glacier, Isle Royale, Denali, Olympic, Banff, Yellowstone, and Zion national parks as well as the Boundary Waters and the Superior Hiking Trail. On their honeymoon, he and his wife spent three days hiking the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii. “Gina did it with a fractured foot,” Tim said. “I thought that was pretty hardcore!”