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Lori Marquez

Senior Air Quality Consultant

At first, Lori Marquez’s educational background might seem puzzling. How does a person make the leap from an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering to a master’s degree in environmental science? But for Lori, the transition was a logical progression from the early phases of her career to the air-quality projects that have become her life’s work.
“I had worked in the nuclear power industry for eight years before pursuing a master’s degree. I took an air class and the professor was looking for someone to work on a thesis project,” she explains. “The work involved air sampling at a research station at the 12,000-foot level on Niwot Ridge accessible only by foot—and the monitoring equipment had be run using a bank of batteries. As the only electrical engineer in the class, I was able to figure out how to do that.”
That research on nitrogen deposition to the alpine tundra led to both a publication and a lifelong passion for air-quality projects, most recently with oil and gas clients in the western United States. Lori points out that working with heavily regulated industries that have complex facilities and operations poses “lots of challenges.” She relishes opportunities to delve into regulations to figure out “what they really mean and then come up with sensible solutions” that clients can work with and regulators approve.
When she’s not helping clients with compliance projects, Lori enjoys traveling and bicycling and often combines the two. Favorite trips have included biking in Holland, Peru, and Japan, where Lori and her husband, Sam, stayed with host families.
“We had a rare opportunity to be immersed in the culture—and we made some great friends,” she says.
Lori founded Marquez Environmental Services in 1998 and, over the years, built her business on “treating clients and employees like you want to be treated” and taking satisfaction in the trust clients placed in her because “good relationships, both personal and professional, are very important to me.” She looks forward to continuing to build relationships and tackle air-quality compliance challenges from our Denver office.