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North Dakota Transmission Authority releases Power Forecast 2019

June 5, 2019

The North Dakota Transmission Authority commissioned Barr to develop a model to estimate electricity use over the next 20 years in western North Dakota. Barr based the model on oil and gas production estimates, commercial and industrial usage of electricity, and population growth to make predictions throughout the forecast period. The model was used to write Power Forecast 2019: Williston Basin Oil and Gas Related Electrical Load Growth Forecast.

Nick Nelson recently presented the forecast to the North Dakota Industrial Commission, a governmental group that oversees the North Dakota Transmission Authority. In a joint statement, members of the North Dakota Industrial Commission said, “The purpose of this study is to estimate future electrical consumption[…] to support utilities as they develop plans that include generation sources that best match the types of loads and capacity factors involved in the production and transportation of oil and natural gas.”

Power Forecast 2019 can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.