work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions

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Whether you are looking to permit and construct a new generating facility or a transmission line, to make improvements to your current facility or diversify your feedstock, we’ll work with you from the first environmental studies through startup and operations.

Barr has worked on projects for more than 80 power companies ranging from small municipal utilities to large regional power producers. Our services range from environmental permitting and compliance assistance to water-supply and wastewater-treatment evaluations, from design and engineering for power-generation and distribution facilities to solid-waste management and contaminated-site remediation.

We also assist with alternative energy projects using wind and solar energy and biomass. Since 1998, Barr has worked on over 500 windpower projects in more than 40 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Central and South America. Much of our work involves foundation and infrastructure design, but we also conduct geotechnical investigations, independent design reviews, project and environmental studies, and structural evaluations—the services our clients need to develop sustainable energy solutions.

For more information on Barr's services for clients in the power industry, please contact Nick Nelson.


“ I continue to work with Barr because of the relationships and trust that have developed over the years.  Barr’s staff has a strong work ethic and does a great job of…delivering on their word.”

Jeff Hammes, PE
Leader, CCS Engineering Services & Projects
Great River Energy, Coal Creek Station