Barr project work offers challenges as well as opportunities for learning and growth
working at Barr

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career development

career development

We know that learning doesn’t stop when you get your diploma and that most professional development occurs on the job as you face real challenges and solve real problems. At Barr that development is accelerated by opportunities to work with experienced engineers and scientists on diverse and complex projects across the region and around the world.

Barr also provides targeted programs aimed at fostering development at all stages of your career.

orientation, coaching, and mentoring

New-employee support helps everyone get off to a good start. A sponsor answers questions and helps each new employee get situated. Orientation sessions bring everyone up to speed on how things are done, and monthly lunch meetings address specific topics and concerns.

Coaching and mentoring programs provide every employee with a coach to help with career development and, if they’d like one, a mentor with whom they can discuss larger career and life issues. Barr’s coaching program helps employees set short- and long-term goals, figure out how to reach them, and move forward.

training and education support

Individual education accounts provide each employee with his or her own annual budget to attend seminars and conferences, pursue an advanced degree, or get career-related training.

Informal lunchtime sessions may focus on technical topics ranging from microbial degradation of organic compounds to centrifugal pump technology. Because Barr’s employees are its owners, these sessions may also cover business topics such as the company’s performance, economic trends, and strategic planning.
Internal professional development training is ongoing and offered in a variety of formats—seminars, webinars, workshops, panel discussions—covering everything from regulatory topics to client service, from business development to project management.

additional resources

Barr’s in-house library offers online and hard-copy resources as well as staff who help with data-gathering and research. We also subscribe to a full complement of technical, trade, and business journals to help employees keep up on the latest developments.
“Innovation grants” are awarded to employees who see a need for  project-related research or want to work on the next big thing in addition to their project work. Some recent projects supported by innovation grants include testing micro- and ultra-filtration methods to remove mercury from industrial and municipal waste water and research into evaporative drying of fine tailings from Canadian oil sands operations. The research results were presented at the Second International Oil Sands Tailings Conference in Edmonton, Alberta.