Barr project work offers challenges as well as opportunities for learning and growth
working at Barr

contact information for our corporate headquarters:

Barr Engineering Company
4300 MarketPointe Drive, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55435

Phone: 952-832-2600

Fax: 952-832-2601
Toll free: 800-632-BARR (2277)
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training and education support

training and education support

Individual education accounts provide each employee with his or her own annual budget to attend seminars and conferences, pursue an advanced degree, or get career-related training.

Informal lunchtime sessions may focus on technical topics ranging from microbial degradation of organic compounds to centrifugal pump technology. Because Barr’s employees are its owners, these sessions may also cover business topics such as the company’s performance, economic trends, and strategic planning.
Internal professional development training is ongoing and offered in a variety of formats—seminars, webinars, workshops, panel discussions—covering everything from regulatory topics to client service, from business development to project management.