work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions

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For more than 40 years, Barr has provided integrated engineering and environmental services to clients in the fuels industries. We’re familiar with industry feedstocks, processes, products—and the associated environmental and engineering challenges.

We understand that complying with multiple regulatory programs requires knowing more than just the rules. It requires a technical understanding of fuel processes to know whether these rules apply to your facility and how to develop strategies to comply with those that do. Turn to Barr for assistance with projects involving air quality, water, and waste permitting and compliance management; stormwater management; and environmental and ecological studies.

We also provide engineering and design services for: operating pipelines and pipeline expansion projects, water- and wastewater-treatment systems, instrumentation and controls, power-distribution systems, structures, and process optimization. For new facilities and pipelines or for expansions we can assist with contractor procurement and construction oversight and management.
Pipeline and other product releases are a special concern. We assist clients with new and historical release investigations and cleanups, including investigating and monitoring soil and groundwater conditions, overseeing product recovery, coordinating with regulatory agencies, and remediating and restoring sites--including devising simple solutions that incorporate natural processes and manage risk appropriately.  For more information about our pipeline services, please view our fact sheet.
For more information on Barr's services for clients in the fuels industry, please contact Joel Trinkle.


“If I get notice of an incident, I contact Barr directly…. Leak sites can be out in the middle of nowhere, but they will go out and… do the running and gathering—they fill in where needed.”

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