work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions

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Since our company’s inception in the mid-1900s, Barr has worked with the national, regional, state, and local organizations responsible for regulating, managing, and monitoring activities that affect natural resources. For over half a century, we've helped clients in the public sector with everything from water-resources management to the engineering and design of structures and infrastructure. 

Whether you're dealing with financial constraints or not, we understand the importance of developing cost-effective solutions to the problems you face. We'll work with you to find answers that add value by keeping the big picture in perspective and taking a long-term view. If your project requires a range of services, we'll pull together a team that meets your needs. 

For more information on Barr's services for clients in the public sector, please contact Adele Braun.


“If you have a complicated project that requires expertise from a number of different areas, Barr can pull all that expertise together.”

--Eric Evenson, District Administrator,
Minnehaha Creek Watershed District