Barr project work offers challenges as well as opportunities for learning and growth
working at Barr

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Intern Rena sampling sediment cores on Lofton Pond near Forest Lake, Minnesota

We think the best internships offer opportunities for learning and earning while doing. At Barr, interns are part of our project teams, working alongside engineers and scientists. Our internships offer a chance to make use of what you’ve learned in school and to find out what life may be like after graduation.

An internship at Barr offers:

  • Mentoring from senior staff
  • Training in safety and the areas in which you’ll be working
  • Opportunities for travel and field work
  • Insight into how engineering and environmental projects actually work
  • Social interaction with other interns and younger engineers
  • Opportunities to participate in the full spectrum of Barr activities, both work and play

In May, a group of our 2016 interns attended a "welcome to Barr" BBQ at our Minneapolis office.
applying for an internship

Applying for an internship at Barr is easy. Prepare a resume and cover letter and submit here.

Your resume should outline your education, extracurricular activities, and work experience, highlighting experiences that have prepared you for an internship at Barr. Your cover letter should complement and expand on your resume. It’s your opportunity to tell us about yourself and why you’re interested in Barr. (As always, be sure to proofread your resume and cover letter.)

Generally, candidates for Barr internships should have completed their second year of university classes and maintained a GPA of 3.2 or higher. We look for demonstrated interest in the technical area for which you’re  applying. We also require strong communication and problem solving skills, demonstrated ability to work on a team, and of course, a desire for personal growth.

Intern Greg conducting hand augering to determine the extent of surface soil contamination
the Barr intern experience
Here’s what some of our interns reported after their summers working for Barr:

“During my internship at Barr I …
… helped to lay out and determine depths of drill locations for geotechnical investigations
… had dinner with other interns in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood
… learned to use new computer software like HydroCAD
… completed Mine Safety and Health Administration training
… got to experience small-town life while on a field assignment
… played Ultimate Frisbee with the Thursday night Barr crowd
… spent half of my time doing field work in Wyoming
… played on the Barr softball team
… got HAZWOPER trained – which will serve me in any job I might take after I graduate
… became friends with other Barr interns who were fun and motivating”

Kristen completing product recovery at a Michigan manufactured gas plant site
meet our 2016 intern Kristen
After two internships in industry, Kristen sought experience in the consulting world. Working on the remediation of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site with Barr’s Ann Arbor staff was a perfect fit.
For the site remediation plan, Kristen helped analyze options for armor materials and impermeable caps and compiled maps of buried utilities based on historical records. On site, she inspected and replaced oil-absorbing booms, analyzed soil impacts using boring logs, and pumped contaminants out of monitoring wells.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to observe the site and its impacts up close,” Kristen said. “I got to use my technical knowledge in a real-life setting and see how the design process plays out.”

This fall, Kristen returns to Michigan Technological University to complete a master’s degree in environmental engineering.
Melissa (right) updating a spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plan in Barr’s Duluth office
meet our 2016 intern Melissa
Melissa worked in our Duluth office on projects that satisfied her interest in the environmental and manufacturing aspects of chemical engineering. Her work included supporting hazardous waste license renewals, completing permit-reissuance applications for storage tanks, updating waste management plans, and classifying streams in piping and instrumentation diagrams for leak detection and repair reference.

Melissa feels better prepared to complete her engineering degree at the University of Minnesota Duluth next spring.
“My internship helped me expand my organization, time management, and communication skills, which will benefit me in my last year of college, and in a future career,” she said.
Noah examining a soil sample for logging
meet our 2016 intern Noah
After discovering Barr through the University of North Dakota career center, Noah jumped at the chance to intern in our Bismarck office. He spent the summer in the field working on environmental and geotechnical engineering projects.

From logging soil samples and testing electrical resistivity to analyzing groundwater data and providing drilling oversight, Noah never had a dull moment. “I’ve gained hands-on experience and built professional relationships with engineering clients,” he said.

Next up, Noah will take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in October and complete his civil engineering degree in December.
Rachel editing groundwater contours for a monitoring well network
meet our 2016 intern Rachel
A geographic information systems (GIS) internship was a natural fit for Rachel, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in GIS at the University of Minnesota. This summer, she assisted Barr’s water resources staff on projects ranging from raw data creation and data analysis to data cleanup and figure creation. She also collected digital site-specific information while auditing cover crop status in western Minnesota.

“I appreciated the talent of the people I worked with and their willingness to help me learn new skills,” she said. 

Rachel credits her internship with providing valuable experience in her field—and offering opportunities in other areas as well.

“I also strengthened my project management and communications skills, which will be invaluable as I transition from academics to the professional field,” she said.
Aaron catching salamander larvae in Kootenay National Park
meet our 2016 intern Aaron
An environmental management internship allowed Calgary intern Aaron to combine his passions for problem solving, chemistry, and the environment. “I love finding unique solutions to complex problems while working with others,” he said. “Every group member brings new ideas to each task.”

This summer, Aaron worked on a literary review project for an oil sands tailings pond, conducted bird and amphibian surveys for upcoming roadwork, and completed wetland and habitat assessments. He learned to identify animal tracks, scat, and bird calls and recognize western toad tadpoles, salamander larvae, and damselflies. 

Aaron appreciated the opportunity to explore projects in multiple engineering fields. “The best part has been the caring attitude of the Barr family,” he said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” 
Richelle working on preliminary design for a wind turbine foundation
meet our 2016 intern Richelle
Richelle built a busy summer for herself as a structural intern in our Minneapolis office. With growing interest in renewable energy, she jumped at the chance to assist with hydroelectric, wind turbine, and dam projects.

However, Richelle’s biggest thrill was working on an amusement park ride for Valleyfair. Her contributions included steel and concrete design, structural and stability analysis, and modeling.

“I enjoyed working on meaningful, real-world projects,” she said. “I’ve learned to problem solve and analyze systems in a different way.”

Richelle returns to the University of Michigan this fall to finish up her master’s degree in civil engineering.