work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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remediation of former Whitehall Leather site

remediation of former Whitehall Leather site
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City of Whitehall and confidential industrial client

assisting with cleanup and redevelopment of site near Lake Michigan

The former Whitehall Leather site in western Michigan operated as a leather tannery from 1866 through 2000. The site is located along the shoreline of White Lake, a drowned river mouth connected directly to Lake Michigan. Tannery operations, including open treatment lagoons, resulted in impacts to soil, groundwater, wetlands, and lake sediments. Barr has assisted the former tannery operators with investigation, risk assessment, and remediation since the late 1990s. We're also helping the City of Whitehall support residential redevelopment of the property.

Remedial work involved a site-wide hydrogeological investigation and a geophysical survey to identify buried drum debris; design, installation, and operation of a horizontal air-sparging system; shoreline stabilization and restoration of a 12-acre wetland area; focused removal of lagoon sediments and areas of elevated mercury in soils; and support of settlement negotiations regarding lake sediments.

Redevelopment activities have included assistance with securing and managing brownfields-related funding from grants, loans, and tax-increment financing programs; pre-demolition building assessment; development of demolition specifications; oversight of mitigation and demolition activities; site-wide assessment of soil gas for volatile organic compounds and methane; and field screening of lake sediments for a proposed marina.

Barr is currently establishing demonstrations to allow permanent termination of the air-sparge system and providing technical support and field oversight of planned redevelopment activities.