work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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Minnehaha Park lower glen restoration

Minnehaha Park lower glen restoration
Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

controlled burns suppress invasive trees and plants

The lower glen is unique within the Minneapolis park system because it was never subjected to the grazing that affected native plant communities in the region. Barr was hired to address an influx of invasive plant species, slope erosion, and trampling of native plants by visitors to the glen.

Invasive trees were removed and herbaceous invasive species treated with herbicide. We conducted controlled burns to suppress invasive growth and planted native shrubs and plants in combination with hydroseed and hydromulch.

To fill an eroded gully, we used limestone rip rap impregnated with biotic earth and seed to structurally prevent additional erosion. Above another erosion area at the top of a staircase, we installed a stormwater diversion to reduce future scouring and erosion from water running down the stairs.