work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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community outreach

Public involvement can mean the difference between project success and failure

Stakeholder outreach is a crucial part of environmentally or publicly sensitive projects. Because projects can stand or fall on the ways they’re perceived by the public, analyzing and influencing stakeholder opinion can be as important as engineering and scientific  work. Clear, upfront, ongoing communications are critical to project success.

Barr can link project design and permitting activities to public-involvement strategies and assist in addressing regulatory agencies, citizens, media, and local units of government. We can help clients tell complex technical stories in a direct, nontechnical manner—for instance, by developing documents and presentations that incorporate maps, charts, and tables to let audiences quickly comprehend information. We can also create public involvement plans that give residents and businesses a voice and help them understand the connection between project success and community prosperity.

Barr offers assistance with:

  • stakeholder and citizen outreach and engagement
  • message development and social-media strategy
  • coalition-building
  • crisis-communications planning
  • building positive relationships with regulators