work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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construction-phase services

Construction engineering involves the planning and management of construction and civil works projects such as industrial facilities, hydraulic structures, brownfields remediation, water-supply infrastructure, wastewater management, stormwater management, and transportation.

You can count on Barr’s expertise during your project’s construction phase for services such as surveying, bidding assistance and contract administration, construction observation, contract document/specification preparation, cost estimating and cost control, temporary-structure design, materials and equipment selection and procurement, and planning and scheduling.

Our construction engineers, with their knowledge of and experience in engineering and management principles, business procedures, and budgeting and economics, can help you avoid cost overruns and make the transition between design and building a seamless one.
our service specialties include:
  • bidding assistance and contract administration
  • construction management (agency)
  • construction management (at-risk)
  • construction observation
  • contract document/specification preparation
  • cost estimating and cost control
  • design of temporary structures
  • materials and equipment selection and procurement
  • planning and scheduling
  • surveying