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Michigan pipeline-release response

Michigan pipeline-release response
Confidential client

environmental specialists rush to help with crude-oil spill

When crude oil was released from a pipeline in Michigan, the pipeline company called on Barr to provide spill-response services. Within a week, we had a team of 45 engineers, scientists, and technical specialists dedicated to the project, supplementing the efforts of more than 2,000 emergency-response professionals.

In the source area, Barr directed the removal of oil product, contaminated soil, and oily vegetation; delineated wetland areas and the extent of contamination; and collected samples for laboratory analysis.

Our environmental management specialists helped develop and implement a waste management plan. We set up a staging area for characterizing the waste, determined appropriate management options, and assisted with regulatory reporting. We also helped with the permitting and sampling associated with the treatment and discharge of affected water. To enable our client to comply with air regulations, we completed a fugitive-dust control plan and a site air-emissions inventory.

Barr’s services helped our client meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s early time-critical deadlines for this emergency response.