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corporate sustainability services

corporate sustainability services
confidential industrial-services client

getting ahead of regulations cuts expenses and enhances public image

With Barr’s assistance, an industrial- and commercial-laundry company with more than 50 facilities in 28 states is shifting its environmental efforts from reactive to proactive. Instead of resolving regulatory issues after the fact, the company is developing systems to substantially reduce the risk of noncompliance and demonstrate environmental stewardship.

Barr began by developing standard emission factors that improved the company’s ability to manage air emissions. Then, through a combination of permit modifications, equipment-optimization measures, design updates, and process improvements, we helped facilities increase the performance and reliability of their wastewater-treatment systems. In addition, we identified opportunities for our client to sell reclaimed solvents to companies that can use them—not only providing a new source of business revenue but also putting to good use substances that were previously treated as waste.

Finally, we worked with our client to develop a corporate environmental-stewardship policy and a preliminary sustainability program, both of which help the company drive compliance and highlight its commitment to reducing environmental impacts.