work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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schematic design for stormwater management system

schematic design for stormwater management system
Hennepin County

Target Field Station is a regional, multimodal transit hub in Minneapolis that opened in spring 2014. Barr developed a conceptual stormwater management system for the site that was approved by the city and incorporated into the final design. Our work included technical evaluation and hydrologic, hydraulic, and water-quality modeling of the system to show it would meet the city’s stormwater management standards.

We also met with staff from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization early in the process to make sure our design addressed its concerns. This collaboration created support for the project and opened the door for funding through the organization’s capital-improvement grant program to incorporate innovative stormwater BMPs (best management practices) into the design, including tree trenches, bioretention and filtration basins, and stormwater reuse in industrial processes at the adjacent Hennepin Energy Recovery Center.

Barr also coordinated with the energy center and city on details of the proposed stormwater-reuse plan; on development of the stormwater pollution-prevention plan (SWPPP) and erosion control plan for site demolition and mass excavation; and on a stormwater operation-and-maintenance plan for the site.