work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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fast-track realignment of storm sewer

fast-track realignment of storm sewer
Capitol Region Watershed District

crew works through the night to install box culvert beneath railroad tracks

Barr assisted the Capitol Region Watershed District with a fast-track project to realign a 100-year-old storm-sewer interceptor to make way for new highway interchange bridges near downtown St. Paul. BNSF Railway agreed to the rare 30-hour shutdown of two mainline railroad tracks to allow removal and replacement of 120 feet of railroad track, installation of 162 feet of box culvert, open-cut excavation, and backfilling.

Months of planning preceded the effort and involved government agencies, consultants, and investigative contractors. The excavation needed to be completely dewatered prior to construction, requiring permits for disposing of contaminated groundwater and impacted soils and the design of a sophisticated track-monitoring system to verify that dewatering did not affect the surrounding railway.

Construction was completed successfully and rail service restored on time, minimizing disruptions and enabling the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s highway project to move forward.

time-lapse video