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brownfields grant and assessment assistance

brownfields grant and assessment assistance
Central Iron Range Initiative

successful completion of numerous projects under U.S. EPA brownfields assessment grants

The Central Iron Range Initiative (CIRI) is a group of 15 small cities and townships along the central Iron Range corridor. In the late 1800s, these cities housed the region’s iron mine workers, and both the mines and cities grew and prospered for decades. Over time, however, as more resources were discovered and the mines expanded, many cities became enveloped by mine land, leaving little room for expansion and economic development. To spur development in the region, CIRI launched a brownfields program to facilitate redevelopment of potentially contaminated sites.

Barr has helped CIRI with its brownfields redevelopment project since 2011. CIRI chose to pursue a coalition grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s brownfields grant program, because it offered greater financial resources and allowed small communities that might not have the resources to pursue and administer a grant individually to increase efficiency and visibility by uniting. Barr assisted with the grant application, and the $726,500 award was used to fund Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs) and remedial action planning on former industrial and commercial properties across the Iron Range.

Barr was selected to perform multiple Phase I ESAs and three Phase II investigations. After developing an EPA-approved quality assurance project plan and site eligibility determinations, Barr implemented the investigative work and wrote reports with recommendations. The investigated sites are now being promoted for redevelopment by their respective cities.