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Mouse River enhanced flood protection

Mouse River enhanced flood protection
North Dakota State Water Commission
North Dakota

fast-track planning and design for Minot-area residents

On June 25, 2011, the Mouse River flowed under the Broadway Bridge in Minot, North Dakota, at a rate of 27,400 cubic feet per second—more than five times the rate that existing channels and levees were designed to handle. Damages caused by the record flooding were estimated at more than $690 million.

In the aftermath, a team of consultants, led by Barr, was hired to develop a plan to reduce the risk of damage from a similar event. This included a preliminary alignment for enhanced levees and floodwalls.

The project began with a three-day workshop for residents and local agency representatives to discuss potential alignments. The engineering team then worked nearly 6,000 hours in less than a month to release a draft alignment. The preliminary engineering report was delivered just four months later. It outlined an alignment that has over 21 miles of levee, nearly 3 miles of floodwall, river diversions and closure features, transportation closure structures, interior pump stations, and floodplain buyouts. The total estimated project cost is $820 million.