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risk management

Managing environmental risk at a site is only possible with an accurate picture of the potential risks posed by site contaminants and an integrated understanding of exposure mechanisms, regulatory requirements, and exposure controls. Instead of applying generic approaches, a focused risk evaluation considers site-specific conditions, such as current and future land use and climate. Used properly, risk evaluations are a powerful tool for guiding management of contaminated sites.

Barr develops realistic estimates of potential risks and puts them in proper context. Accurate information about who might be exposed and how, rather than standard assumptions, allow our risk-management experts to help you avoid taking unnecessary action. We excel at integrating risk evaluations with site investigations and remedial action design to focus our efforts in these areas on the key factors that reduce potential risks.
our service specialties include:
  • CERCLA cost recovery
  • contaminant fate and transport
  • development of cleanup criteria
  • ecological risk assessments
  • human-health risk assessment
  • project health and safety plans
  • regulatory assistance and strategic advice