work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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geographic information systems

For complex projects requiring the interpretation of large amounts of data, geographic information systems (GIS) are an essential tool. Visually portraying data not only makes information easier to understand but also allows for the replacement of lengthy narratives with readily interpreted maps. Barr’s GIS capabilities also play an important role in data development and interpretation for our hydrologic, hydraulic, and air-modeling work.

GIS makes information easily accessible to clients, regulators, and the public through web-based mapping. These maps can help identify key points—improving the likelihood that audiences will understand a proposed project’s impacts and how they will be affected.

Our GIS experts use Esri’s web-based and desktop GIS software. We also use other industry-leading software such as EVS by C Tech, which provides for superior visualization and analysis of three-dimensional data.
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