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sample collection

Barr’s sample collection services are largely driven by our clients, their industries, and their regulators. We provide one-time, recurring, or automated sampling of water, air, soil, and biological organisms. We collect samples for clients working through the permitting process to build a facility, operating an existing plant, or cleaning up after a spill or release.

Water sampling includes water quantity and quality monitoring of stormwater runoff, streams, lakes, wetlands, and process water. We provide preliminary water sampling to help clients develop a baseline for future sampling related to discharge from a facility and help clients gear up for the permitting process.

Air sampling includes both ambient air and emissions from stacks. Generally, clients who have a permit in place with EPA and their state’s regulating agency hire us to test their sources for compliance with permits and regulations as needed.

Soil sampling includes surface and subsurface samples made up of disturbed or intact core samples.

Biological sampling includes wild rice, phytoplankton, zooplankton, aquatic plants, fish, and macroinvertebrates for surveys.

our service specialties include:
  • sample collection
  • surveying