work underway on a water-discharge structure we designed for poor soil conditions
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structural engineering

Accurate structural designs are crucial to the safety and long-term structural integrity of complicated and simple designs alike. We trust the work of a structural engineer every time we enter a building, cross a bridge, enjoy an amusement park ride, or run water through a powerhouse. We trust that the engineer had the experience and knowledge to provide safe, practical plans. Often, the public takes this safety for granted—and that’s how it should be. Barr provides structural integrity and cost-effective, practical solutions that clients can rely on.
Barr offers a full range of structural engineering services, from initial investigations to construction observation. Using the best in technology from finite element analysis to steel optimization software, our structural engineers design, evaluate, and rehabilitate a wide range of structures, including foundations, retaining structures, buildings, bridges, dams, and more.
our service specialties include: