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environmental review

regulatory insight facilitates project approval

Barr assists clients with large-scale reviews for the development of mines, fuel refineries, and power-generation facilities, as well as transmission lines and pipelines. We work closely with our clients and state and federal regulatory agencies to plan and carry out studies and analyses required by the environmental review process, including those related to:

  • surface water and groundwater
  • wetlands
  • wildlife, habitat, and protected species
  • cultural resources
  • socioeconomics
  • geology
  • soils
  • land use, recreation, and aesthetics
  • air emissions, air quality, and noise

Because projects that trigger environmental reviews invariably require numerous permits for construction and operation, Barr approaches the review process with an eye toward permitting. Understanding how the two processes interrelate can reduce project costs by minimizing duplication of work and maximizing efficiency.

There are several settings for environmental review including:

  • federal NEPA
  • state programs
  • local government

Through decades of experience on some of the region’s largest environmental reviews, we’ve become well acquainted with not only the regulations, but many of the regulators. Our familiarity with the environmental review process, permit application requirements, and expectations of regulators help position projects to move ahead smoothly and earn approval.

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