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regulatory support and compliance

trustworthy advice specifically for your business

Barr is a trusted advisor on achieving and maintaining compliance with the regulations that govern substances released to the air, water, and land, as well as the environmental safety of workplaces. The suite of services we offer spans all aspects of industrial and manufacturing activities subject to environmental regulation, including:

  • developing compliance plans, strategies, and systems
  • providing on-site compliance assistance
  • preparing permit applications and reports
  • conducting audits and tracking compliance
  • hazardous waste management 
  • resolving noncompliance issues
  • recommending changes to processes and facilities if necessary

Often there’s more than one way to achieve compliance, and sometimes the most obvious option is also the most expensive or restrictive. By asking about clients’ operations, goals, and budgets, Barr has been able to provide economical, site-specific compliance solutions that satisfy regulators while allowing individual companies to preserve their most critical aspect of business, whether it’s customer service, operational flexibility, or public image.

our service specialties include:
  • air modeling
  • air toxics
  • air-quality source testing and monitoring
  • audits
  • carbon management
  • chemical facility anti-terrorism standards (CFATS)
  • emission inventory
  • facility decommissioning
  • greenhouse gas inventories
  • industrial safety and risk management
  • industrial-waste management/RCRA
  • mercury management
  • noise modeling
  • planning and reporting (stormwater, EPCRA, SPCC, RCRA, ISO 14000)
  • risk assessment and management
  • safety, industrial hygiene, and indoor air quality
  • stormwater pollution prevention plans
  • training